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So You Started Selling on Instagram and Now Your Followers Are No Longer Buying; What Shall Be Your Next Step?

Are your sales on Instagram starting to decline? Many Instagram sellers focus too much on driving traffic to their accounts. As important as that is, increasing the number of your followers does not always promise an increase in sales. 

In reality, having consistent sales through your Instagram account is a gradual and slow process that you have to strategize.   

So What Should Be Your Focus?

In reality, out of 50 percent of Instagram users that follow a business, only 5 percent really take action after coming across a product post. And taking action does not mean that they purchase the product, but it can tell that they clicked on the link directing them to the website.  

This 5 percent of traffic is the consumer kind on Instagram. It is the traffic that actively browses their social media for shopping purposes. And this raises the question, how many bots, clueless buyers, inactive users, and uninterested buyers do you have to filter down in your follower list to get to the audience that will buy your product? 

Apart from that, it is also possible that your content is not creating enough engagement with the audience. This means that your next step will involve making changes to your Instagram marketing strategy.  

Change Your Profile Into a Storefront 

If you haven’t already done this, then you are clearly missing out. If you are running an e-commerce business or an online store and want to display a physical product to the audience, having a virtual storefront geared towards attracting avid shoppers is the way to go.  

Directing traffic and engagement to your virtual Instagram storefront is much more impactful than simply having a profile. Storefronts are more product-oriented, and if you have the right color schemes and picture quality, you can capture the customers’ attention.

Storefronts not only attract interested shoppers but also help convert an average user into a potential customer.  

Define Your Followers 

Setting up the correct demographics when promoting your posts can be a game-changer when it comes to sales. Getting people to buy your product simply comes down to targeting the right audience. 

Along with targeting the right audience, you also have to keep tabs on the turnover to see how a particular setting is performing and change it up to a more filtered down and specific audience. It is best to hire a professional agency that can help you research the best target audience for your product. 

Diversify Your Marketing Strategy

If one marketing strategy has worked for you in the past, it does not mean that it will continue to do so in the future. Marketing for consistent sales involves formulating different sales techniques and running different sales campaigns.

For instance, if paid promotions and advertisements are not producing significant numbers on Instagram, try partnering with a social media influencer or running a DM campaign. 

To Conclude 

Using any of the steps mentioned can help you overcome the declining sales number. Overall, Instagram is the ideal platform for marketing, and with the right guidance, you can overcome slow growth.


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