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  • Budget Revenue Expenses

    How to Properly Budget Out Your Revenue Into Expenses – 3 Min Read

    If you want to build wealth for yourself or your business, you need to be the master of your money. In other words, you cannot let money control your behavior, and you must budget. Managing the money so that you can budget out your revenue and build a better financial future is key. Many people overlook budgeting, but it is by far one of the most important tools for managing finance.   Use

  • Differences Between an LLC and an S Corp

    Differences Between an LLC and an S Corp

    If you are a small business wondering whether to register as an LLC or an S Corp, this post can help you decide. Continue to read and learn how both entities are different and may suit your needs.  Limited Liability Company (LLC) An LLC is a legal designation to help protect business owners from personal liability against a business’s financial and legal obligations. You can create a single and multi-member LLC.  LLC offers

  • Steps in Creating an LLC in California

    6 Steps in Creating an LLC in California

    Creating an LLC in California is the most efficient way to get your business up and running. This post explains how you can create an LLC in the state of California in six simple steps.  Step #1 – Naming Your LLC Choosing a name for your company is the most important step in creating an LLC. Just make sure the name you are considering is not in use already by another entity.

  • So You Started Selling on Instagram and Now Your Followers Are No Longer Buying; What Shall Be Your Next Step?

    Are your sales on Instagram starting to decline? Many Instagram sellers focus too much on driving traffic to their accounts. As important as that is, increasing the number of your followers does not always promise an increase in sales.  In reality, having consistent sales through your Instagram account is a gradual and slow process that you have to strategize.    So What Should Be Your Focus? In reality, out of 50 percent of Instagram

  • PPP Loans for Mom and Pop Shops

    Biden Harris administration has proposed certain restrictions, or more specifically, subjected PPP Loans to certain changes. The news is recent to the last week of February 2021. The Biden administration and the SBA are working to improve the conditions and the state of small businesses in the US. This entails proper support and provisions of funds to underserved businesses. The administration and the SBA have come to the realization of how

  • shaking hands after learning How to Find Your Perfect Customer

    How to Find Your Perfect Customer | Plus Marketing Tips

    To find your perfect customer, you need to know your perfect customer. You need to understand what makes them tick and learn where it is you can find them so they can be effectively marketed. Before you go looking for your perfect customer, it is essential to define your business's goals and have a clear idea of what it is you offer before you can understand who it is you


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