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Slide Take the pledge in supporting small local businesses!

Our Story 93% of Americans love to support local businesses, but they all say the same thing, they just wish there was a more convenient way to locate and support small businesses.

This is why the Mom & Pop Association (MAPA) has ambitious plans to design an innovative platform.

With your help, we can make this a reality. MAPA is looking to raise $30,000 through this crowdfunding campaign.

The funds will help accelerate the creation of an online marketplace exclusive of mom and pop shops and the creation of a mobile app.

Donations from this campaign will also help MAPA expand its efforts in supporting small businesses in other cities in California and then across the country.

Crowdfunding Progress Bar

Crowdfunding Goal 30000$
Donations Receieved 30725$
Percent to Goal Raised 0

Mom And Pop Shop Supporters

Hope H. - $250

Jennifer C. - $52

Carmela A. - $75

Anthony C. - $500

Ernesto G. - $200

Jackie A. - $70

Martha V. - $20

Peter P. - $75

Karen D. - $25

Christopher M. - $115

Felicia C. - $52

Mario V. - $75

Tanner P. - $115

Henry T. - $250

Samantha A. - $170

Jennifer P. - $52

Teddy N. - $175

Paul E. - $25

Esteban P. - $75

Cristian O. - $152

Lizabeth W. - $25

Oliver N. - $25

Stephanie A. - $150

Tiffany Z. - $250

Karissa H. - $175

Yasmine P. - $52

Karina M. - $75

Peter T. - $25

Henry F. - $25

Casey L. - $52

Wendy P. - $75

Nickle S. - $115

Juan R. - $75

Terry K. - $52

Samantha G. - $10

Natalie B. - $25

Jackson N. - $52

Eric L. - $50

Stacy H. - $25

Mike T. - $25

Cathy C. - $25

Henry G. - $75

Herald C. - $25

Nickle A. - $25

Beatriz D. - $75

Logan C. - $50

Jessie H. - $25

Danny S. - $25

Patricia H. - $52

Mindy E. - $52

Jose M. - $50

Ernesto H. - $25

Mario G. - $15

Fabian G. - $75

Penelope N. - $52

Henry G. - $75

Kathy D. - $50

Chad M. - $75

Omar A. - $52

Melissa H. - $25

Stacey A. - $250

Brenda R. - $100

Carl L. - $52

Stephany S. - $52

Leticia F. - $25

Barbara M. - $115

Steve H. - $52

Elizabeth M. - $25

Mark C. - $250

Catherine J. - $75

Rebecca J. - $52

Annabel K. - $150

Jessie R. - $75

Tiffany L. - $152

Oscar S. - $52

Richard R. - $250

Randy L. - $75

Christopher C. - $25

Mario L. - $25

Kenny P. - $75

Tiffany C. - $250

Omar L. - $25

Mauricio U. - $25

Sean K. - $10

Kevin N. - $75

Larry O. - $125

Marissa P. - $100

Carlos H. - $252

Lenny P. - $125

Karen N. - $25

Jennifer C. - $52

Carmela A. - $25

Anthony C. - $50

Nancy P. - $25

Jackie A. - $75

Michael M. - $52

Peter P. - $25

Karina D. - $25

Castor M. - $25

Fanny L. - $52

Max V. - $75

Timothy S. - $25

Harold B. - $25

Steven A. - $75

Jessie P. - $52

Tom L. - $75

Paul E. - $25

Esteban P. - $75

Cathy M. - $52

Lizabeth M. - $25

Oliver N. - $25

Samantha L. - $50

Yesenia S. - $25

Arnold F. - $25

Melissa M. - $25

Fabian G. - $52

Chelly D. - $42

Dan T. - $150

Nancy A. - $250

Juan H. - $175

Terry K. - $52

Samantha G. - $100

Natalie B. - $125

Wendy N. - $52

Eric L. - $115

Stacy H. - $125

Mike T. - $25

Cathy C. - $25

Henry G. - $75

Efrain M. - $100

Nancy A. - $25

Nickle D. - $75

David L. - $1,000

Christian H. - $125

Donald M. - $25

Patrick H. - $52

Wendy E. - $52

Jose L. - $150

Enrique L. - $215

Cristina G. - $150

Daniel G. - $75

Samuel N. - $152

Hector H. - $275

Karina E. - $250

Chad M. - $175

Scott O. - $52

Jessica V. - $25

Esmeralda C. - $25

Carl T. - $52

Stephany B. - $52

Leticia H. - $25

Barbara L. - $50

Stan H. - $52

Benjamin G. - $25

Mateo C. - $25

Casandra J. - $75

Becky M. - $52

Ana F. - $50

Johnny J. - $25

Tanner L. - $52

Anthony S. - $52

Carlos R. - $25

Remmy L. - $75

Cathy S. - $25

Mauricio S. - $25

Ana G. - $100

Nancy F. - $25

Richard W. - $52

Esteban F. - $25

Karen L. - $52

Rick K. - $75

Maxwell J. - $25

Patrick M. - $25

Erica O. - $75

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Slide Designed to offer small businesses a way to promote their stores as well as local customers a way to find small businesses, our platform is essentially a directory map. This way, no matter what someone needs, they can easily, effortlessly, CONVENIENTLY find it locally. Think back to the good old days of Yellow Pages, except this is a digital platform that offers information, prices, resources, etc. with the added benefit of the community heights. location_onDirectory Map A Unique, Modern
Directory Map For
Small Businesses
We help up and coming brands grow, expand, and reach new heights.

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Slide Share w/ Friends Encouraging
to Shop Local
In this day in age, there are tons of people struggling to achieve their dream of owning and successfully running a small business. Far more appealing than working for a large corporation, unfortunately, starting out, growing, and surviving comes with a lot of challenges. From investing in a location, services or products to launching marketing designed to find customers, at times, it can feel like climbing a never ending mountain or fighting a war… alone.

You see, in this fast paced world most consumers want convenience. Hence the success of Amazon, Walmart, and other big-box retailers.

For example, when in need of a new TV or even a shovel, consumers head to Google to be told where to buy it. And, thanks to huge budgets, stores like Best Buy or Home Dept come up first. Even if the consumer wants to buy from a local store, the internet gets in the way and, to save time and effort, they end up buying from where they know they can get it with ease. All of this over the locally owned small electronics, hardware stores, etc.

A sad fact to think about, right now, there is a dire need to support mom and pop shops. Why? Because many are going under while the large corporations take their sales. And, most mom and pops actually sell higher-quality, longer lasting products and services.

In the future, if we keep buying and consuming this way, people will be living lower-quality lives while working for minimum wage in warehouses instead of owning their own business. The reality is, the market is being wiped right from under our noses. But, luckily, it's not too late! Actually, 93% of Americans support local businesses, they just need a way to find them.

The Mom & Pop Association is dedicated to supporting small businesses with 20 employees or less. We do this by giving them a platform where they can sell to loyal customers who want to support local businesses. In the end this will hopefully help them grow and keep them alive! We are a movement for a better future.

Slide Our Vision
MOM AND POP ASSOCIATION (MAPA) is the leading contributor to the advancement and longevity of mom and pop shops through promotion, resources, and advocacy – we are their biggest cheerleader!

As a member-driven, not-for-profit organization that promotes small businesses to achieve growth and success, it is our vision and mission to build a highly supportive community for local businesses. Together we can be the voice that overcomes.

Slide 2 - Local Consumers 1 - Small Businesses Individuals who support small businesses and can utilize our platform to easily find and purchase from mom and pop shops directly. Our role is to help make shopping at local businesses effortlessly. Get A Gift Our Two
Any Mom and Pop shop, meaning any business with 20 or fewer employees, can apply for membership. From there they have access to our undivided support & resources.

Slide Our Story A project that is near and dear to our founder’s heart, Adan Garay dedicates the Mom And Pop Association to his own parents. Owners of many small businesses over the years, after seeing them struggle and suffer, he decided it was time to make a change.

Growing up, Adan’s parents started a retail store that they owned and operated for about 15 years. However, they began to lose clients to big-box retailers such as BIG 5 and Sporting Goods. Then, Amazon became mainstream. From there, even the big sporting goods stores struggled. In the end, their business on Main St. was forced to close its doors.

Luckily, seeing the fate of their retail store, his parents strategically opened a mom-and-pop tax preparation business. It seemed as one door closed another opened. Business boomed for many years, but, like the last, thanks to H&R Block and TurboTax, again they were close to being forced to shut down business.

Stories like this plagued our founder’s hometown. Pizza places are being bought out by Little Caesars. Grocery stores are being replaced by Family Dollar. Beyond the fond memories of a locally owned business, the devastation reflected in the jobs his family and friends were now forced to take.

As an adult, Adan felt frustrated with his community. Where has the American dream gone? So, he began to listen to politicians who would advocate for small businesses. However, he soon learned that these same politicians had deep pockets with large corporations and they would never really do anything for the little ones.

With that, he set out on a journey to make the Mom And Pop Association a reality. A small beacon of hope for the future.

Adan has since been helping small businesses and start ups learn how to continue to grow their business by maximizing operational efficiencies and directing them to a path of success. He is on a mission to help prove that small businesses can succeed in today's society with a bit of direction from the Mom And Pop Association (MAPA).

At MAPA, we are passionate about small businesses. MAPA is the leading contributor to the advancement and longevity of mom and pop shops through promotion, resources, and advocacy! We are the #1 resource for mom and pop shops. We are a member-driven, not-for-profit organization that promotes small businesses to achieve growth and success. 

MAPA aims to build a community that highly supports small businesses, and envisions taking back the market-share from large corporations. Together, our voice is louder.




How much does it cost to join as a consumer?

Consumers are our biggest supporters. Without you, there would be no mom-and-pop shops. it is FREE to all consumers to create an account and shop directly from mom and pop shops. Donations are always welcomed.

How much does a retailer membership cost?

To become a member we offer three different memberships with rates varying on the assistance you need. We have a membership available for Entreprenuers looking to start their own business, Mom and Pop business owners looking to grow their business, and for Innovators looking to take their products and services to sell online. Learn more about membership pricing and resources here.

What cities will you operate in?

We are launching in Bakersfield, CA the city of our headquarters. We plan to expand to cities across the state of California and beyond within a year. All donations will help us expand to a city near you!

Is there a verification process for the retailers?

Yes, there is a verification process to ensure all businesses have no more than 20 employees. We truly believe in the heart and spirit of small business owners who drive the local economy are from those businesses with 20 or less employees.

What is your privacy policy?

We take all efforts possible to ensure your personal information is kept secured with us and share only information that will help you reach consumers looking for a business like yours. You can find more on our privacy policy page.


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