Real Business V Corporate America

Real Business Vs Corporate America

Businesses are usually thought of in two ways, as “corporations” and “small businesses”. There is a better, more clear differentiation however, and that is “corporate” and real business. Let me explain: Corporate America preys on ordinary citizens, promising them security and stability but delivering debt, increasing payments, and a lifetime of indentured servitude. Real Businesses deliver what they promise without fine print or an army of lawyers.

The truth hurts, so they don’t tell you

The giant corporations among us put up smokescreens to keep us from knowing the truth. For Example, Google is a website that searches other websites for the information you type. So how did it come to be that you are effectively unknown if your business isn’t listed on the first page of results?

Maybe a better description of Google is this: A website that exploits the people’s need for convenience by featuring the highest payers first. This means they prioritize the advertisers over the customers, but they tell us it’s for our benefit. How does that work exactly?

“Don’t Be Evil” – Google Founders


“Don’t Be Evil” Removed from code of conduct – 2018

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So What Exactly Is Real Business Anyway?

When you learn how to navigate the fog, you’ll discover that not all businesses are created equal. The best companies operate according to ethical rules that keep the customer’s interests first. In contrast, others want your money and will take every advantage they can get.

Most people would define good business as “a transaction in which a quality service or product is exchanged at a  fair price.”

That definition works just fine for this author. The problem arises when the customer does not get a quality product or service but is duped into a satellite TV contract for the next two years.

Read The Fine Print, That’s The Real Negotiation

The real funny thing is that we, as consumers, have been trained to look for the fine print. When a deal comes along, our first general response is skepticism, and for a good reason. How many of you answer unknown phone numbers? That is precisely the point.

We know that there is a Nigerian prince, debt elimination or collection on the other side of the call. Why spoil your day with that crap?

Size Matters. End Of Discussion.

Corporate America has many advantages through its size. They can invest in better technology, buy out their competition and create more redundancies in their company. The truth is that the real businesses are being destroyed by the giants of corporate America who can do things like negotiate lower shipping rates with UPS. In contrast, your local business doesn’t have that kind of bargaining power.

We all know that there’s something wrong with our corporate America. Is it a backbone problem or a lack of morals? Anyone who has ever been a number, ahem, employee at a corporation has felt firsthand the pressure to lie and cheat. Why do we have to play the game?

There is no “I” in “We”.

Corporations are being dishonest with us, and it’s a shame that they try to take advantage of us, but we can change things by fighting back. We must fight for what is right because fighting for what is wrong only makes things worse.

The battle tactic is straightforward, our buying power. If the American consumer decided to stop buying Tab, guess what would happen? No more Tab. Tab was the soda Marty McFly ordered in the movie Back to the Future, discontinued in 2020

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The Great Resignation Proves We Still Have Power

Maybe if we all stop buying corporate, they will get the message. The Great Resignation has helped wages improve dramatically and proves the power still lies with the people, just sayin’.

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