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Advantages of Business Associations

Advantages of Business Associations

As a mom-and-pop shop, competing with big-box retailers has always felt like an uphill battle. Add in the economic consequences of the global pandemic that COVID-19 has brought about, and it’s now harder than ever to survive as a small business. Watching our community as we knew it fall down around us can be a harrowing experience for individuals and establishments alike. But we’re not in this alone; now is the time to band together. Business associations are the perfect community groups to give your mom-and-pop shop the leg-up it needs.  

Benefits of Joining a Business Association

Boosts Credibility.

Belonging to a business association can show that your business plays an active role in your community. Customers often view membership in a business association as an indicator that you are accepted and respected by your peers. So, they may be more inclined to trust and do business with you.

Networking and Social Benefits.

Connecting with your peers through networking is a great way to get fresh ideas, gain new contacts, share advice and build confidence. It can lead to lots of different opportunities that you wouldn’t have been exposed to had you not been a part of a networking group. The saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” didn’t come about for no reason! Of course, there’s a lot more depth to success than only the contacts you have, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to make new connections that you can benefit from. Camaraderie and friendship are also found in business associations, and depending on your overall life goals, this can arguably be one of the most significant benefits of joining.

Education and Resources.


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